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CAIRN ILLUSTRATED is one of the most anticipated Cairn publications ever! Available now, it is the most comprehensive book yet of both Tom Clark and Tim Wolfe artworks. This handsomely bound, 160 plus pages, 12" x 9" landscape publication features pictures and / or watercolor renderings of most of Dr. Clark's and Tim Wolfe's creations as well as all the creation stories.

Finally, after all the hoopla, speculation and anticipation, the long-awaited reference book Cairn Illustrated is here! Compiled, written and illustrated by the Cairn artists, Cairn Illustrated is an end-result worth the wait and the toil it took to bring it to fruition.

Countless hours were spent gathering the photos, planning the layouts and preparing the drawings for this book. The artists painstakingly hand colored all of the original sketches and the hundreds of photographs. Most of the artworks created by the Cairn artists--over a thousand in all--are featured in the book. One will never know how much time was expended grouping the pictures, refining and alphabetizing the stories and categorizing the artworks into "families" and "themes." And all the while both artists continued their daily routines of sculpting, sculpting and more sculpting, in addition to their rigorous and demanding personal appearance tours.

It's no wonder that the completion of this book took so long! Each time the artists thought the book was nearly finished, they were confounded with what to do with their newest artworks being offered to the public. Of course, these artworks deserved to be included too. Given the artists' productivity, it seemed an endless task. After all, how can you include everything when there is no end? But alas, an end had to be determined and the book had to be finished.

And so it was and here it is! Cairn Illustrated features all of the stories and most of the pictures of the artists' creations. This includes twenty years of work by Tom Clark (over a thousand "distinct" personalities as he says) and approximately ten years of work (almost two hundred characters) by Tim Wolfe. The book also contains in depth biographies, enlightening articles and unique personal observations from the artists themselves, commenting on their art, their philosophies and their lives.

Cairn Illustrated is a massive, marvelous reference source, containing 169 fact-filled pages, highlighted with hundreds of color photos and sketches. It is to be admired and enjoyed for what it is--a great representation of a lifetime of work. Consider this offering a "labor of love" from Cairn Studio--an anniversary present of sorts-- and a truly comprehensive compilation of 20 years of hard work and much love.

For more information, or to order your copy of Cairn Illustrated, contact your Local Cairn Dealer.

The "Book of Cairn" is a delightful account of Cairn artworks as told first hand through the watercolor illustrations and personal notes of Dr. Thomas F. Clark and Timothy Wolfe. This illustrated narrative is chock full of wit, whimsey and wonderment, and highlights the ingenious ideas, meticulous sculptural techniques and spiritual philosophy that surrounds these popular collectibles.

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