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Cairn, coupled with its world-renowned artists, is one of the most respected sculptural art studios in America, as well as one of a very few, if not the only, originators of American designed special commissioned artwork offerings for businesses, colleges, universities, and national nonprofit organizations.

Over the years, Cairn has created special artworks in various mediums for institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America, Easter Seals, Merrill Lynch (pictured left), 4-H, John Deere, National Basketball Association (NBA), Hospice, Belk Department Stores, Xerox, the National Shriners and Masons, Fidelco Foundation, University of West Virginia, QVC, Bo Schembechler (University of Michigan), International Rotary, Lance Corporation, NASCAR (drivers), Sony Corporation...and many, many more. These special commissioned artworks have been created as a special tribute to employees, shareholders, directors, consumers and constituents of the various organizations as well as integrated into the whole of these institutions' overall marketing strategies.

Implicit in any type of arrangement is the tapping of Cairn's three-million-plus registered collector base, as well as the use of the Cairn artists' personas as spokespersons for the commissioning entities. Dr. Clark's image is one of virtue, trust, wisdom and compassion, while his philosophy embodies those principles of hard work, family, morality and sacrifice. Oftentimes these special artworks are coupled with innovative, charitable fund-raising programs, the pecuniary particulars of which can be quite significant.

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